King Valley Community Complex Hire Rates 2015-2016

Community groups meetings        $30.00
A fee for all outdoor use that generates a profit for user eg; fitness classes $10.00  
Business/ Government Dept small meetings $50.00  
Business / Government Dept , Seminars or small Evening function    $150.00  
Half day hire (3 hours) $75.00  
Half day (in excess of 3 hrs) per hour $25.00  
Bond $300.00  
 A refundable bond is required to confirm booking for all functions    
Deductions maybe taken for late cancelations / damage / if cleaning is required    
 Full Day 7am -4pm  or  Evening Function  5pm – 12pm    
for full use of function centre  - use of Plastic chairs only       $300.00  
(excess of uses before or after time for decorating or cleaning )  @per hr              $25.00  
Major Function including use of all function centre & equipment $600.00  
Eg; Fabric Chairs   / Cutlery / crockery    
Friday  12pm – Sunday 12pm                                                                                                 
Other charges    
Cleaning per hour $25.00  
Crockery /Cutlery hire  $50.00  
 Fabric Chairs  Hire (Not for hire outside of function centre ) $50.00  
Plastic Chairs ( for hire outside facility ) ( per chair )     $1.00  
Trestle Tables (per table )     $5.00  
Hire of Pizza oven  (wood not supplied)     $50.00  
HIRE OF TEMPRITE  2 BARRELLS $50.00 min THEN $15 A BARRELL                    $50.00 min  
This will include gas as the KVUFNC do not want alter setting to equipment    
Sports ground hire    
Sporting Oval POA  
Netball court POA  
Tennis Courts POA  
Please contact us for more information.